Latvia was my third destination in my first backpacking tour. This was the point where I was getting comfortable with travelling and started to take things a bit more relaxed. This might be the reason I liked my short time in Latvia that much.

Unfortunately, I couldn't learn the language even a little bit. Fortunately, English was spoken everywhere I went.

Just like in everywhere in the Baltics, getting there and around is easy. There are buses going all around and across the countries with online timetables so it's easy to research how to go to places.

ATMs and the use of money is also straightforward here, I could pay with card everywhere and ATMs are numerous around the city. Latvia uses the Euro which makes it one less currency to carry around.

Mobile networks and Internet is readily available. Thanks to the EU roaming I could use my home plan without problems. If you have a phone plan from any EU countries you can use that without extra costs in any other member countries. There are some fine print and limitations though.

One thing I'm not quite sure about is tipping. The first time I tried I was told that this money goes straight to the government. I'm still not sure whether that means tipping in Latvia is an uncommon thing or was it an indication that it should be done in cash.

Where to go in Latvia


Riga is still one of my favorite places and I felt at home at the moment I arrived. The old town is nice and walkable, and the river gives the whole place a sense of openness.