Klaipeda is the biggest port city in Lithuania on the Baltic coast. It's a busy center for ships, but it still has the close-to-nature feeling I've experienced in Lithuania.

Public bikes

While there are city buses going everywhere near and around the city, the same public bike system is operational as in the other parts of the country. Get the app, find a nearby docking station, then get the bike. When you are finished, find a station and leave the bike there.

There are less places to go around the city, but for getting outside the city center bikes are great. And you can go to the Baltic see with a bike.

Curonian Spit

The Spit is the main attraction here. There is a freshwater lagoon that is separated from the Baltic sea by a 98km long, narrow piece of land coming almost from Kaliningrad all the way to Klaipeda. It's mostly forest and sand dunes, a typical destination to be close to nature.

On the Russian side it's connected to the continent, but not on the Klaipeda end. Because there are no bridges, you need to take a ferry to go to the Spit.


Ferries come and go all day, it's a busy route. There are 2 terminals: the old one is closer to the center but it's pedestrian (and bike) only. The other one is on the south and it carries cars and buses too. There are timetables online for both of them.

On the other side you can catch a bus, but there are some that depart from the main bus station and goes on the ferry to continue on the Spit. When I went to Nida it was convenient as I just boarded the bus and got off at Nida.

Map of Klaipeda

Things to do in and around Klaipeda

Old town

The old town is definitely not big, just a couple of streets. But it offers a nice walk in an old-townish ambience.

There are some nice graffitis on some buildings, one of them is a map of the old town. It helps to orient to some degree, but it's a nice touch.


While the city is next to water, it's not the sea but the lagoon. The Baltic sea is a bit outside the city on the northwest. It is not far on foot either, but with the public bikes it's even easier.

There is a long beach where kite surfers were enjoying their hobby when I was there as there were some heavy winds. But my impression was that winds are kind of a constant feature here.

And since the Baltic sea is not famous for warm temperatures, spending the whole day on the beach is not likely. But the water looks awesome, and there is also a pier offering some grandiose views on the body of water.

Sculpture park

An interesting phenomenon, a park with sculptures all around. It's more like a forest inside the city with a lot of pieces of art.