Nida is all about nature. If you are into forests and lakes and seas, it's the perfect place to hang out, weather permitting.

The Curonian Spit separates the Baltic sea on the west from the freshwater lagoon on the east. It's 98 km long but narrow, covered by forests mostly. Nida is a small village close to the Russian border, in fact this is the last settlement on the Lithuanian side.

It's a small place with only one supermarket to serve it. It's easily walkable, there are roads and paths, and the distances are small.

As this part of the Baltics is full of amber, there is an amber museum in Nida. Not only they have a lot of amber on display, you can also taste amber vodka.

The public bike system found all over Lithuania also works here with a few stations to get and drop the bikes.

Around Nida, everything that is not water is forest. There are a ton of paths to walk along and there are cycleways all along the Spit.

Map of Nida

Things to do in and around Nida


The Baltic sea is on the other side of the Spit, but that's still less than 2 kms from the village. My impression was that it's windy all the time, but the weather was particularly awful on the few days I spent in Nida.

But I nevertheless find the seemingly endless body of water magnificent and calming so I walked the way every single day.

Sand dunes

Close to Nida, the sand dunes are the main attraction. There is a bigger patch some 20 kms north, but this one is well within walking distance.

There are paths up to the dune and around, offering a view of the sane, the lagoon, and the forest. There is also a sundial on the top but I was unable to figure out how to read it. But it makes a nice sight nevertheless.